Revenue Opportunities

For years Entertainment has traditionally been the department which spends money and doesn’t make much tangible return, but we are here to help you challenge that myth.

In recent years we have helped create income lines for holiday parks in the region of 30k + Gross income from a variety of sources including activity days, birthday parties and the most fun of all…merchandise. Not only is merchandise a great opportunity for income, but it can be one of your greatest marketing tools, one which has been paid for!

From a cuddly toy, party dance cd, magnet, keyring, Frisbee, coaster, mug… the list and possibilities are endless where we can help your guests to take a little bit of your park home with them to retain those memories and help share the word on what a great experience they have had with your Park or Hotel.

We can take the hassle away of the whole process from inception and design through to packaging, sales and retail point of sale. Please contact us for further information and opportunities.