From concept through to costume Resort Ents Creations' Team have all the tools to create.

We have a rich history of creating first class Production shows and concert events which both engage and wow their audiences. We support the entire creative process from music, to lights, sound, costumes, props, choreography and more.

The Creative team of Resort Entertainments bring with them a vibrant and varied background to combine towards one common goal. The creation of first class productions relevant to a variety of environments. Each venue can have its own bespoke productions or delve into our deep back catalogue of shows and concert style productions.

Our philosophy is to bring experience and the knowledge of what works together with a fresh and contemporary production approach creating review style shows and concert productions possible to be performed by large or small teams alike.

Shows can be created to work with simple backing track productions or full scale live musical backing.

We can even take an idea you may have of your own all the way through to opening night for your team or venues. Whatever show event you need, we will be the team you resort to!

2017 Shows

Cotton Club
We’ll meet Again
Musikool Kids
Welcome to the Moulin
Ballroom Blitz
Sounds of Elton John v Tom Jones
Stadium Live – the Greats
Pantomime Matinee
Circus Matinee
One Hit Wonders & Guilty Pleasures

Previous Shows

Disco Inferno
West End Wonders
Searles Variety Show

Welcome to the Circus
Cotton Eye Joe
80’s Romantics
Viva Las Vegas
Searles Variety show

Searles Variety show
Soda Pop Rock
A Night on the Town
Bond 50
Brits on Broadway
The Sinatra Suite
Sounds of Take That
Sounds of Abba

Ages of Rock
All that Jazz
King of Pop meets Queen of Rock
Magic of the Musicals
Piano Men
Bee Gees
Sounds of the Boybands
Girls in Concert
Variety show

Bruno Mars
Lets Face the Music and Dance
Pop Goes the musicool
Red Hot Rhythm
Searles Xtra Factor
80’s Stadium Rock
Sounds of the Spice Girls
The Cavern
Girls in Concert

Disco Hits
Sounds of Lionel Richie
Sounds of Olly Murs
Party On
Rodgers and Hammerstein Songbook
Strictly Searles Dancing
Three Steps to Heaven
Under the Boardwalk
Wish Upon a Star
Girls in Concert

Show Posters